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5KPlayer 4.2

5KPlayer is an application which is used to play music, different videos, online video streaming and airplay media as well. This application also supports the DVD players. Blu-ray, YouTube videos and camcorder videos.

5KPlayer  4.2

5KPlayer  4.2

Special properties of this application includes:

  • DVDs and HD videos can be played.
  • This app also play the audio files like MP3, FLAC etc.
  • Audio and videos can be streamed by receiver.
  • Player is able to download the videos online.

Along with the fact that this application is for free, it also have many tools which allows you to strean the videos and audios online. 5KPlayer give you ability to download different thing like music and video files in different formats. There is no subscription needed for the usage of this application. All in all you will love to use

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