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Anonymous Declares War On Trump

Anonymous Declares War On Trump is about the hacking of election.

Anonymous Declares War On Trump

Hacktivist group Anonymous is quite for many time, which tells about the black doors through which the elections are hacked. Also tells about the rapist who got justice by the hacking system.

These group are now on a war against the recent president whose name is trump. There were a large number of the tweets in which they have threatened the Don via exposing the sex trafficking due to funds. He will regret his decision.

Later on the group exposed that they were not in try of taking down the politicians.  These resources are presumably the same tools that Anonymous made public when it was recruiting help in taking down ISIS by destroying the tens of thousands of Twitter accounts its members used to communicate following the Paris and Brussels bombings.

The next four years will undoubtedly be a time of angst and uncertainty for a lot of people around the world, and with proclamations such as this, it will be interesting as well. What remains to be seen is what the threats could possibly mean. © 2017