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AVS Audio Editor

By using AVS Audio Editor You can split the audio, trim it, merge it into other song and even make a new soundtrack by joining different songs.

Any source can be used to record the audio.all can be edited by using this application. Editing can be done easily and precisely using a standard timeline view pane. You can also remove the audio track which is unwanted.

Major properties of the application are:

  • Save the audio in any key format.
  • You can edit the audio track.
  • Make effects on the audio tracks.
  • User can use any input device to save audio.
  • Best one is making tone for iPhone also.
  • Even a audio can be exported from video.

One of the best feature of this is to record the audio track from microphones, vinyl records, and other input lines etc. Now you can do editing to it like applying effects.

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