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AVS Video Remaker Free Download

By using AVS ReMaker You can filter you media which means you can remove the unwanted and irritating moments from your videos. Editing of many videos are supported without re-conversion like (, VOB, TS,DVD, MP4,HD- videos ,  AVIMKV, and Blu-ray.)

AVS Video Remaker

Special features include:

  • Without re conversion you can edit the video files.
  • Many video formats to work with.
  • HD-videos can also be edited.
  • Menus of DVD and Blu-ray can be created.
  • You can also make the videos.

AVS ReMaker is a tool needed for the scenes to be replaced and delete those parts which are annoying or you don’t want them in your movie. Camcorders and video cameras are also supported along with the other famous one. CApture option is also added.

Videos can also be split into the many parts and you can burn or copy your video to the Blu-ray or the DVD discs as well.

AVS Video ReMaker supports the different languages

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