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CCleaner for Mac 1.14.451

CCleaner for mac is a tool of maintenance which is used by most of the people. This application is nearly new in the mac ones. It makes your mac fast and quick to use. You can remove cookies, files and caches by one tap.

CCleaner for Mac

A Faster Computer

While using the computer you save things like passwords and tabs to your computer. CCleaner mac allow you to remove all the unnecessary files and setting on the hard drive. If you set this app as default then you can use is so easily and quickly. This app cleans the apps working in the background. By this computer start so fast.

More Secure Browsing

User can clean the cookies and clear the cache, it also save passwords and remove internet history which makes the identity secure. CCleaner give you access to remove all these files and you can browse so securely and privately.

Customisable Cleaning

CCleaner is customize able. You can set the application according to the size of the screen. Set it as a default application and clean your mac.

CCleaner for Mac Summary

CCleaner mac is so famous application which offers you a wide range of cleaning for the mac. This is the so easy to use cleaning app. CCleaner app boosts up the mac performance. It properly improves the mac by updating itself.

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