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Skype for Mac 7.8.388

Skype for Mac  7.8.388 is an amazing application through which you can call and also text.

Download Skype for Mac Free

Download Skype for MacCalls are of two types

  • Audio call
  • Video call

By using your Skype credit and account user can call on the mobile and landline numbers. P2P technology is used by the Skype for the connection of the user on mobile, tablets and androids. Quality of the call depends upon the internet quality of the callers. User can also make the group conversation and conference call.

New & Mac Features

You can connect the address book of your mac and the Skype.It is so simple to call now and you can make conference to more than 10 people. Facebook integrations are starting to creep into the newest versions of Skype too.

Skype Calling

After the download of skype, all you have to do is to make a profile for free. You have to  use a new Skype name. Screenshare feature is also included. Skype also includes the landline and mobile calls from credit.

Easy to Use

History is also displayed in this application.  There is also a feature of dictionary. In the message box separately you will the messages.

Call Quality

Call quality depends upon the speed of the internet. Both the audio and video calls are allowed. Voice of the call is diturbed when the internet connection is not good. But you can still text and texts will be affected if the connection is poor.

No other application can compare with Skype in its services. Skype Microsoft purchase made the Skype more stable and good to users.

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