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Firefox 51.0.1 Full Free Download

firefox filehippoFirefox 51.0.1

Some of Major Freature are here

Mozilla Firefox is is an effective browser with everything simple. Via Mozilla Firefox your browsing will be so quick and easy. By simplifying the toolbar you can make the browsing the maximum. You can also refresh the bookmarking, refresh button and history. At the end of the toolbar there is home button and a download button.


Mozilla Firefox is so quick and speedy, it just opens up the page in no time. Direct2D and Driect3D graphics systems are used to manage web contents and complex videos. Bugs are also fixed. another feature added is the protection from the crash. If there is any bug then you can refresh the page which will fix the crash and boost up the activity.


Firefox was firstly introduced for the private surfing or browsing via which you can explore the internet so securely and privately. Passwords, searches and history can be cleared or removes on shutdown. This reduces the chances to  very minimum level of other people to steal our media. Via using this browser you will feel safe.


Firefox UI have an amazing feature of customization. You just have to go to the toolbar, right click on it and then the component can be customized is to be dragged and then drop it. © 2017