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Firefox 64-bit 51.0.1

Firefox 64-bit  51.0.1

Speed of browser

Mozilla Firefox 64-bit is so quick and have fantastic browsing speed. This amazing browser is given by JagerMonkey JavaScript engine. There is Direct2D and Driect3D graphics systems which are layer based. If there is any crash then you can refresh the page which will solve the plugin.

Security for you

Firefox 64-bit allowed the private browsing for the first time via which you can browse securely and hidden. You can fully remove or clear the History, searches, passwords, downloads, cookies and cached contents. If your power gets off it automatically removes all the content on sudden shutdown. You will experience a safe browsing.

Development and Personalisation 

Firefox 64-bit have many features which are best like customization etc. All you have to do click on the navigation toolbar and customize the content you want. Other method is drag and drop one. In this one you have to simply pick up the content and then drop.

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