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SHAREit Download Free

SHAREit is fully free application that allows you to send things between two devices with the speed of light, media like documents, videos, pictures, music and other folders. Size of the folder to be transferred is in GB and you do not need any data cable for this purpose, networks or USB drives. Transfer media is easy between two phones and tablet in short time with SHAREit.

SHAREit Download Free

Devices which are wireless finds each other automatically via SHAREit. Files can be transferred many time faster than the Bluetooth. It allows the files to be shared with great security and privacy. Now you are able to send the files between iPhones, windows and iPad devices.

Main features of the application includes:

  • You can share everything with the others, any kind of media or files.
  • Those devices which have SHAREit installed in it will find automatically the other device with it within range.
  • You can transfer files even of GB data size 40X faster than Bluetooth.
  • You do not need anything for sharing files except the application installed on the device.
  • Device are connected so easily, suddenly and simultaneously.
  • You can create group which can be joined by 5 devices at the time and you can send this to all at a time.

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