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ShareX 11.5.0

ShareX  have many new feature and is a fast app. You can capture the photo or screenshot it. So easy and simple to use app.

ShareX  11.5.0

Via ShareX you can capture the screen with different shapes. User can also user the feature of short cut which makes it easy and sudden to capture.You can also use the crop and blue feature of this app.

Major properties of  ShareX includes:

  • You can capture the screenshot in any shape you want.
  • User can also capture the post which he or she have customized.
  • Any picture file can be be uploaded, all you have to do is drag and drop in the bar.
  • Advanced screenshot capture, screen recorder, file sharing and productivity tool.
  • This app supports the Shortening of URL also have 40 different images.
  • screen color picker, image editor, QR code generator, directory indexer and many more tools are added.
  • Many key setting with different workflow customize able.

You can configure all the parts of the application which is the beat thing about it. To take the screenshot automatically you can make a short cut for it. All in all ShareX  is a best toll for cropping the pictures.

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