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Slimjet is an application which is so easy to use. This browser works with the speed of light, which means its so fast and quick. This is somehow same to the Google chrome so if you are a user of Google chrome then you already know how efficiently it works.


Many characters of this application are worth praising like it efficiency. You an surf online with great speed and no bugs or errors.You can customize this browser and customize the toolbar as you want. It also have many features of Google chrome in its wishlist which will be added to it soon.  Browsing experience will be so good for you after using this app.

Special Properties of Slimjet

  • Form filler is intelligent.
  • Toolbar can be customized.
  • You can integrate with facebook.
  • Videos from YouTube can be downloaded.
  • Upload photos in not time.
  • Tells about the weather.
  • You can translate the web page.

All in all Slimjet is a kind of browser that have many characteristics which can be customized. Every plugin and extension is compatible with this app. Supportable application includes all content from web store of Chrome. This app is compatible with Vista, Window 8, Window XP and Window 7.

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