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US libraries hit by ransomware Attack

Libraries across St Louis gradually regaining control of computer systems following malware attack.

Criminals are demanding for ransom and disabling the system of libraries through St Louis.

BBC gave a report according to which after the attack the files are again restored. The attack was done on 17th January. Attackers are not paid any ransom.

US libraries hit by ransomware attack

US libraries hit by ransomware attack

Through the city of St Louis in America 17 libraries were hit by the malware attack.

People in the libraries who are employ there work day and night to overcome all the defects and this is done by the technical staff by using the back up from the system and have them restored.

Mr McGuire coated that: St Louis Public Library is working in combination with the FBI to observe that by which method the criminals enter the library system and solve the problem.

“Its so much frightening that holding information attempt or try and taking the world for ransom, we will try to make every thing safe from this kind of thing and acts.” © 2017